Peter Davies

While making photograms in our darkened family kitchen with my father, I discovered the magic of images. Following that discovery, I built a black and white darkroom in the basement of our home at age fourteen, and my photographic life was born.  

My passion today is exploring wild places and experiencing the heightened awareness that comes with carrying a camera. I have had the good fortune to travel and shoot: glaciers and eagles in Alaska; desert landscapes in the Chilean Atacama Desert and across the Southwestern US; mountain regions in Patagonia, the Himalaya and across the Western US; wildlife and landscape in Costa Rica, Yellowstone, Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Alaska, and New Mexico.

As an earth scientist, now retired from Sandia National Laboratories, I currently serve as a Global Fellow with the Woodrow Wilson Center's Polar Institute in Washington DC, working on the impacts of rapidly changing climate in the Arctic. With this work, I have a growing interest in photographing our changing planet.

Exhibitions provide a wonderful opportunity for photographers to focus on fine art prints. In 2013, I received the Print Fellow Award from the the Professional Society Photographers of America, New Mexico (PPANM). I served on the PPANM Board of Directors from 2010 to 2014. The Annual New Mexico Photographic Arts Show and Shades of Gray exhibitions provide an outstanding forums for New Mexico photographers to share their vision through fine art prints. I have engaged with both of these exhibitions since their inception, receiving multiple Best awards, and serving as a judge in 2012 and 2019.

Through many special experiences over the years, photography has become a vehicle for exploring and seeing the world through different eyes.

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